SanoTint Loves Your Hair

Sanotint Natural Hair dyes are long-lasting hair colours that offer complete grey coverage while making your hair lustrous, healthy, and beautiful.



Chose your color Now…

 Sanotint Classic: 
 black 01  Sanotiint Classic Blue Black #17 Sanotint Classic Dark Brown #2   06 Dark Chestnut    Natural Brown 03 Mink 18 
  Golden Chestnut 05  Light Brown 04   Ash Brown 07  Red Chestnut 28  Moka 25  Intense Blonde 30
 Bilberry 21  Mahagony 08   Claret 22  Cherry Red 24  Copper Blonde 16   Dark Copper Blonde 29
   Caramel 26   Intense Blonde 30  Dark Blonde 14   Natural Blonde 09   Havana Blonde 27
 Golden Blonde 12  Ash Blonde 15   Light Blonde 10  Honey Blonde 11  Nordic Blonde 13   Very Light Blonde 19

Sanotint Light 14 amazing Hair Color for Sensitive Skin

Sanotint Ligth 71  Black Sanotint Light 73 Natural Brown Sanotint Light 74 Light Brown  Sanotint Light 75 Golden ChestnutSanotint Light 78 Mahogany 
 SanoTint Light -72 Bright Ash Chestnut Sanotint Light 77 Dark Golden Blonde Sanotint Light 84 Dark Blonde Sanotint Light 80 Light Natural Blonde Sanotint Light 81 Middle Natural Blonde
 Sanotint Light 76 Amber Blonde Sanotint Light 79 Natural Blonde Sanotint Light 87 Extra Light Golden Blonde Sanotint Light 88 Extra Light Blonde 

Sanotint Reflex Temporary Hair Dye for Ultra Sensitive Skin

 Sanotint Reflex 51 Black Sanotint Reflex 52 Dark Chestnut Sanotint Reflex 53 Light Brown Sanotint Reflex 54 Golden Chestnut
 Sanotint Reflex 55 Copper Chestnut Sanotint Reflex 56 Burgundy Sanotint Reflex 57 Dark Red Sanotint Reflex 58 Mahogany Red

Sanotint Hair Mascara Inmediate Grey Coverage.

 Swift Hair Mascara Black Brown S2 Swift Hair Mascara Light Brown S4 Swift Hair Mascara Dark Chestnut S6 Swift Hair Mascara Light Blonde S10


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