Reduce the risk of allergies, scalp irritation and cancer with the best Natural hair dye, Sanotint PPD free & Natural Skin Care Products from Italy. Sanotint gives natural looking color and it covers grey perfectly and safely. The first Permanent P-Phenylenediamine Free (NO PPD). Ammonia free & Locherber Natural Cosmetics GUARANTEE a Healthy Hair and Pretty Skin.



Best Natural Hair Dye and Natural Skin Care Products

Best Natural Hair Dye and Natural Skin Care Products for all your family.

Best Natural Hair Dye and Natural Skin Care Products, is an Italian brand with 100% visible results.

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Sanotint Light 71- Black

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natural brown 73 ppd free_20160309153124

Sanotint Light - 73 Natural Brown

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GOLD 24K Anti Ageing Cream pH 5.8

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colourcare shampoo  ph 5-5,

Sanotint Color Care Shampoo

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Sanotint colourcare conditioner ph3.5

Sanotint Colourcare Conditioner

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You deserve to have healthy hair and pretty skin, it really help to feel great about yourself throughout your life, with Sanotint Natural Hair Dye and, Natural Skin Care Products Locherber is easy to follow an hair care and skin care regime. All our products are made using natural ingredients, sanotint contains golden millet and vegetable extracts to give you a permanent hair dye that will cover your greys completely. Sanotint light is the best Permanent hair dye P-Phenylenediamine free (NO PPD) on the market The Sanotint product line is complete with 9 different shampoos, conditioners and hair care treatments for all hair types. And the Locherber Natural Skin Care Products with more of 50 amazing products that guarantee young looking skin. Hair Loss Solution with Migliorin. We ship Worldwide