We are helping Others

Here we can see many pictures en differents activities with the kids and young mothers. You can help too.

We sent on this August boxes full of clothes and Toys for this kids. This mothers were very happy.

THANKS to some Families that donated this clothes.





   Celebration of Children's Day



LVN sent materials for Mothers learning how to make small decorations



LVN sent toys and Clothes for Matheus


A hope for young mothers that are students



LVN sent Money to help to Nico with medicines while hi is in the hospital for premature conditions and the trasnportation spenses for his mother visit him for one month in the hospital.



LVN send Money to pay for a snack for 15 families and the conference how to be a betther parents



One day when the cothes arrive. every mother has the oportunity to chose what they like for their babies.




We Visit some mothers In their places and bring clothes for they new babies.



Here is a young mother of a 3 years old boy. She is pregnant and does not have a house. We gift clothes for the new baby and the boy.