LVN Charity for Clothes & Toys

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Help us make this baby laugh more

We will use this money to buy clothes, toys as well as for shipping charges, to send boxes to Colombia.
Your contribution is really appreciated.
See all details about this wonderful mission.


See here Galery with activities that we are doing to help this comunity in poverty.

We are sending toys and clothes for kids from 0 to 12 yeas old. All these kids have a family, but they are living in poverty as a consequence of Social inequality.

We really would like to help this group of 14 women in Morroa Sucre, Colombia most of them are teenagers and are pregnant, they are making an effort to finish the school, but they have nothing when the baby comes. We like to help with clothes, diapers, toys, blankets.
The program is running for the government but they only can provide some food and education, this woman can stay in the program only for two years, so every two years we do the same with other 14 women that come to the program.